Can't access WebUI

I’m on a TrueNas Mini XL and screwed up my network settings, badly.

I will pay a $100+ bounty (BTC/ETH/your preferred crypto) to whoever can help me get this working.

I have 3 interfaces: (ix0, ix1, and lo0).
The ix0 and ix1 are built into the mobo and became inoperable after an ethernet power surge last year. My solution was to get a X540-T1 (the lo0 interface). I plugged it in, and for whatever reason the only way I found it to work was using a spare router I had.

When I left for vacation, I unplugged it, forgot how I had it working, and when I came back I tried plugging it into the newer router or my switch, to no avail.

So, I went into the ikvm and started playing around with the “Configure Network Interfaces” option and started screwing everything up.

Here is where I am now:
It tells me the web UI is located at

Across 3 different PC’s and my phone, this address just times out (no firewall issues). Further, if I had the NAS connected to router 1, router 2, or my switch – it is not recognized (I believe because DHCP Is not enabled on the NAS, or something?)

When I started playing around, the “Configure Network Interface” option showed my X540 interface as the third option. But when I went to “Remove current settings?”, poof. Now, just the two old interfaces show up in the Configure Network Interface option.

If I go into the Shell and type “ifconfig”, the third interface does show up, but does not have a netip. I can set it to something unique, but it doesn’t really do anything. I can’t access it.

I don’t know where to go from here.

If someone can assist me to get this working I will pay $100 even if it’s a quick/easy fix.

Thank you,

No, it isn’t. lo0 is the loopback interface, not any physical interface on your machine. I’d guess that ix0 and ix1 are in fact the X540 interfaces, but I can’t be sure there.

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Can you post the output of ip link? and lspci -v | grep -E "X540|Serial"? (X540s report their MAC in the serial field)

As dan mentioned lo0 is probably going to be your loopback, we can roughly determine which physical interface goes to what with the two above commands.

X540-T1 is single interface afaik.

I have no idea on the rules surrounding bounties, personally I am not interested in it though, just looking to help.

I should probably also be asking if this is CORE or SCALE, as the bulk of my knowledge is with SCALE.

What is the subnet of your network? Are your PCs and phone on as well?

Thank you for the response. This is CORE.

X540-T1 is single interface afaik.

Correct. The two I listed are in fact the built in ones from the mobo.

Here is the result of lspci

Forgive all of the screenshots, but this is the result of lspci -v (couldn’t figure out how to output to clipboard to paste)

“ip link” returns “command not found”.

Any ideas?
Thank you!

Which version of TrueNAS are you using?

Not sure if that’s the FreeBSD version or the TrueNas version? Can’t figure out how to specifically call for the TrueNas version…

That’s going to be the FreeBSD version, but it tells us you’re running on CORE rather than SCALE, and gives at least an approximate version number of CORE (it’s somewhere in the version 12 series)–and that in turn explains why the ip link command doesn’t work, as that’s a Linux command rather than FreeBSD.

What’s the output of ifconfig? And I haven’t seen the output @essinghigh requested of lspci -v | grep -E "X540|Serial".

cat /etc/version should get you there


Version is TrueNAS-12.0-U2 (8235f686e2) (thank you @DjP-iX)

ifconfig output:

@essinghigh’s request for lspci…

From the consecutive MAC addresses of ix0 and ix1, it does look like they’re the motherboard Ethernet ports. ix0 is assigned an IP address of, but isn’t plugged in; ix1 isn’t assigned an address at all.

The X540 doesn’t seem to be showing up at all, and I don’t think we’re seeing it even in lspci–if it’s the case that it reports its MAC address as its serial number, the serials that are coming up there appear to be two bytes too long to be it. I’m not sure if you have a way to otherwise test that card, but your NAS doesn’t appear to be seeing it.

it’s possible the way freebsd outputs lspci is different, no idea, it’s a completely foreign system to me.

I have an X540-T2 to compare:

root@truenas[~]# lspci -v | grep -E "140.*Serial"
        Capabilities: [140] Device Serial Number a0-36-9f-ff-ff-31-f9-8c
        Capabilities: [140] Device Serial Number a0-36-9f-ff-ff-31-f9-8c
root@truenas[~]# ip lin sh | grep a0:36:9f
    link/ether a0:36:9f:31:f9:8c brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
    link/ether a0:36:9f:31:f9:8e brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

Edit: X540-T2 should have a similar MAC (as it’s the same model with an extra port), a0:36:9f should be the identifying part for Intel.
Should also note the serials reported aren’t byte for byte the same (note the ff-ff in the middle).

As an update: I ordered a new X540 same-day from Amazon, swapped it out, showed up in the configure options, set it to DHCP, and the webui is now accessible.

This is still using the old router though. Scared to try with the new router/switch as I’m afraid it’s going to get screwed up again somehow.

Thank you for all of the help, it’s greatly appreciated!


Good news. That confirms my suspicion that the card had failed.

That seems unlikely if the new unit also acts as a DHCP server–but the IP address would probably change.