Cant figure out how to get my jails to work

hello there,
I’m new to truenas and I’m trying to install jails but have been unsuccessful so far. only one jail worked so far which is nextcloud there,

I’m new to TrueNAS and I’m trying to install jails, but I have been unsuccessful so far. Only one jail has worked, which is Nextcloud. When I install jails and use DHCP to autoconfigure IPv4, it will work and give me an IP address for the jail’s interface site (starting with 192.168.xx.xx). However, most jails will give me this error:

When I use NAT, it will work and start running, but I don’t know how to access the admin interface site because it gives me a completely different IP address that doesn’t work. See below:

Here is what my jail looks like:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I have TrueNAS Core, and here are my computer specs:

Have you set up correctly the default gateway on system? (Something like

  1. Don’t use plugins.
  2. Don’t use NAT.
  3. Set up your bridge interface statically up front.

yes it’s setup correctly

when I use DHCP it will give me an error. how can I do the third step?