Change Default Plug-in to specified Pool

I have multiple pools setup on my system

  • HDD - as name imply, traditional spinning disk with NVMe SLOG
  • SDD - in progress, NVMe riser card
  • Plex_0 - originally setup for Plex plug-in and getting familiar with TrueNAS. I actually setup a dedicated dataset (PlexRepo) on the same Plex_0 pool so all media sit outside to Plex jail
  • Jails - intend to move all plug-in to its own dedicated pool

So how do I change the behavior so that new plugin will get install to “Jails” pool versus the current system default (System Dataset) at Plex_0?

Can current plugin get move (migrate) from one pool to another, or would be easier to just uninstall and re-install?