Change LSI drive port after replace/resilver?

I did a replace/resilver of a drive in one of my vdevs. I kept the old drive in while this took place, but after it completed and I remove the old drive, is it OK to wire it back up to the cable from the removed drive or does it need to stay on the port it was using while resilvering? This won’t cause any problems with drive ID assignment or whatever?

ZFS shouldn’t care.

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Nope, not at all.

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Many thanks! Solved.

Quick question… so everything is fine and the drive resilvered. Can I just disconnect the old and new drive while TN is running and reconnect the new drive with the old drives cables? Or do I need to shutdown, make the switch, and then reboot?

That typically depends on the hardware, as in, it depends on if the backplane, drive cage or motherboard supports it. Part of it is down to how the connector is inserted into the drive, making sure the right bits connect in the proper order.

The drives themselves and TrueNAS should have no issue with it.

If you’re not sure, either research your hardware or shutdown first. Or YOLO it if you don’t care.

Have you done it? Can you confirm the process? Does the pool get degraded, then when the drive comes back online, it gets placed back into the pool? Are there any other issues?

I have not, but I have read the tutorial and I suggest you do so if you haven’t already:

The pool will be degraded while a disk is offline.
When a new disk is inserted and you initiate the Replace procedure, ZFS will resilver the pool. When that is done the pool should no longer be degraded.

Thanks. I’ve read the docs, but I’m looking for first-hand experience since this procedure can be volatile if not handled correctly. No offense intended, but your post isn’t very helpful here.

Perhaps you will get better help if you outline your planned steps, taking your specific hardware into account.

That way, knowledgable people here can critique what you actually plan to do and how you plan to go about it, resulting in more prompt and applicable help.

Of course. However, I thought I spelled it out pretty good. This was all based on my LSI HBA card as stated in the topic title. More detailed info is in my sig as the forum requests when more info is needed!


Presuming your hardware (should be a backplane in this case) supports hot-swap, there wouldn’t be. And yes, I have done it.

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Thanks to everyone who chimed in. All is well.

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