Change VM Type to Q35 - TrueNAS Scale

So I’ve been trying to figure out the correct way to update a vm to Q35.

so far i’ve noticed that there is no easy way over the GUI to select the type when making a VM (not sure why), and over CLI seems that you need to type something along the lines of:

service vm update id=X machine_type=q35

Though I’ve managed to find my machine id by typing:

service vm query

I am unable to get that command through because it seems the machine arch type is not set?

Validation errors:

  • vm_update.arch_type: Must be specified when “vm_update.machine_type” is set

Now looking up online it seems that x86_64 would be correct but i’m wondering if this has to do only with the architecture of the system or cpu emulation as i’m using host passthrough. also any chance we get an easy switch like proxmox over the GUI next update? :slight_smile:


This will do the trick. Its imo just the architecture.

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