Changing drives in pools

The pic shows my current setup. I’d like to have the sharedmedia pool have 6Gb available, and the TMBackups pool have 4Gb (ada0).

What is the best/safest way to have the data moved between drives?

I will be creating a new pool for the currently unused 6Gb drive.

I’m ok having a single drive per pool as it is just media and I can re-download it if needed.

Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 2.51.05 PM

If you have an extra disk slot, you simply replace the existing disk with the larger one. Whence the first new disk is working, the old can be removed and you repeat for the next disk / pool.

It is un-common to replace a disk in a single disk pool, because generally it won’t work if their are block errors on the source. But, if their are no errors, it works fine. (I’ve done it, though it was a good many years ago…)

Now if you don’t have an extra disk slot, then you have to determine if you can export one of your other pools and use that disk slot.

Each pool currently only has one disc in each, so I don’t think I simply replace the disk as the system wouldn’t be able to access the data.

Should I add the new disk (ada3) to the existing sharedmedia pool and wait until the data has been copied to the new disk, then remove the old disk (ada0) from the pool?

The do the same thing for the other pool?

Uh, a disk replace through ZFS does a temporary Mirror of the drive to be replaced. Then, when the Mirror is done re-syncing, ZFS automatically removes the old disk.

That said, you have to “replace in place”. As in add the new disk without removing the old.

So yes, THIS does work with single disk pools.

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Thanks for the help. I setup the machine 8-10 years ago and haven’t had to do much maintenance apart from some version upgrades.