Changing /nonexistent to /var/empty before updating?

I have a set up a dataset homefolder with the owner and group placeholder. This user placeholder has the homedirectory “nonexistent” and the option “Create Home Directory” is checked.
Do I have to change the “/nonexistent” to “/var/empty”
before updating from 23.10.2 to 24.04 or after updating?

Is there something that changed about this path from SCALE 23.x → 24.x?

It’s unclear if this path is volatile with each reboot and/or update.

Do you not want the user to have any config files or shell, whatsoever?

EDIT: Nevermind. I see it now:

SCALE 24.04 changes the default user home directory location from /nonexistent to /var/empty. This new directory is an immutable directory shared by service accounts and accounts that should not have a full home directory.

You might be able to just “leave it alone” and let the update proceed. It’s likely this change happens under-the-hood for you.

It was not changed under-the-hood.
Now I changed it manually afterwards.