Chia app ports are not accessible


I’m using TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2.

The Chia app seems not allowing connections to it from the exposed ports. As per Chia | TrueNAS Documentation Hub I setup the full node port to 38444 (also tried with a different number). The app is configured as full node and it runs fine.
The problem is when I try to connect to it. I’m not able to connect to the full node even from the local network and of course I tried from a remote node (all needed ports are open on the router).
I found this since I was not able to connect using a remote harvester (on port 38447). It seems both ports are not reaching the app.

Do you have an idea on how to ''open" these ports ?

I did some more investigation and the reason is that truenas has docker running on a different network ( or
My truenas is on

So now the question is: how can I assign a IP on my network to the chia app ? Or how can I route the traffic going to truenas to port 38444 of the chia app ?