Choosing the new hardware for TrueNAS SCALE Server

at the moment im searching for new Hardware for my Server because the CPU is already pretty old and finally at a Point where everything gets laggy.

Im upgrading the RAM to 128GB ECC and i wanted to keep my 4-Port Network Card (PCIe x4).
In the Case i plan to use is Space for an ATX Board, 11 x 3.5" HDD and 4 x 2.5" SSD.
I wanted to plan everything futureproof, so that i can install these 15 Disks without Problems.

Transcoding isnt really a thing that happens often, when it happens then its just 1-2 Transcodes so i guess an iGPU should be enough for that?

I was reading that the Intel iGPUs are good for transcoding and the AMD iGPUs are bad at Transcoding.

For connecting all the HDDs i could easily buy an old HBA from the Company im working at but they are all PCIe x8 and the most Intel Boards have just x16 and x4/x1 PCIe slots.
So i researched a bit and found some PCIe x1 Cards with 2 SATA Ports or PCIe x4 Cards with 4/8/12 and so on SATA Ports.
So i wanted to ask if these “simple” Cards would work too or what the best to do is at this Point.
The x16 Port i wanted to keep free for an optional Upgrade to a GPU.

As CPUs i was till now looking at the following Intel and AMD CPUs:
i5-12400, i5-13400, i5-12500
5-5500, 5-5600, 7-3700X 7-5700X, 7-5700, 7-5700G

Maybe you can help me here out or give some additional advise.
Thanks :slight_smile:

First start with the documents section for TrueNAS Scale

Also old forum hardware guide

You seem hung up on consumer, gamer gear instead of server choices. Look at used server gear and cases. You have planned 15 disks already and didn’t mention boot disk(s), add at least one, maybe two.

No - do not use these cards (the crappy PCIe 1x cards that is)
If you need extra ports use an LSI HBA 92xx or 93xx in a x8 (or better ) PCIe slot
Assuming your data is important to you

Put it in your “reserved” GPU slot and give up on the GPU which with the modern CPUs you are talking about and the number of transcodes you are talking about - you will never need an eGPU

Thanks i will have a look at this 2 topics.

I will have a look at outsourced hardware too.
Boot Disks are ofcourse already considered too, therefore i will take 2 of the planed HDDs

okay, then i will try my luck with that, we got some spare 9211, 9207 and 9201 laying around here.
Is there anything you could say about the CPUs?
I mean i am with the HBA tied to 1 with an iGPU but from the listed ones would you rather go with Intel or AMD?

Intel every time. You mentioned transcoding and it eliminates the need for a GPU. Those are all nice modern CPU’s.

2 * 12th Gen and 1 * 13th Gen. I am not aware of any issues with Scale - so not sure if it makes much of a difference

Just make sure that the HBA is flashed correctly (right firmware versions, in IT mode) and be certain its an HBA rather than a MegaRaid card (although some MegaRaid cards can be lobotomized to an HBA). I THINK all the ones you mention are all HBA cards.

The 92xx range is really for HDD’s only as they don’t have the guts for many SSD’s. Just use the on board SATA for any SSD’s