Cloud Sync Pcloud bad config

Hi all, I’m new to truenas, I made a mess, I had a folder with very important documents inside, I did the synchronisation with Pcloud but I made a mistake between pull and push. It deleted all my data. Do you know if I can do anything? Do you have any advice? Thanks

Do you have any snapshots?

(This is preferred)

Any backups?

Do not write anything else to your NAS. You may be able to rollback the pool.

Unfortunately no backup and no snapshot, I had put the data temporarily before creating snapshot and backup

Is there anything else on the NAS you want to keep?

I don’t like your odds, but in theory you can export your pool, and then manually mount it read only with a rolled back transcation group to before the issue occurred… BUT there’s a new transaction group every 5 seconds or so… so I suspect if you didn’t shutdown immediately, the transaction blocks may have been overwritten.

Unfortunately, this applies:


On the Nas nothing else was a pool of 2 6tb disks in raid, with little data at most 1tb. I turned the Nas off immediately but it was still a while. Seems like a very complex thing, currently I’ve taken it apart and tried to see with recovery software but can’t find partitions. Maybe I’ll follow the guide and try, I understand the chances are slim. In case with a data recovery software do you have any advice on which one to use?

You need ZFS recovery software. The only one I know of is :

If you shutdown immediately then I think your odds are improving :slight_smile:

Next time set up snapshots!

Enable snapshots now