Cloudflared not working after ISP change

Fiber was brought into our neighborhood so we made the switch (hurray!), but after the switch I can no longer get my Cloudflare tunnel to function. I’ve tried making a new tunnel as well as deleting and reinstalling cloudflared. The app appears to be running without issue, but isn’t making the connection to the tunnel. On Cloudflare it just shows as Inactive. I’ve confirmed my token is correct and haven’t changed any of the settings from default. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Running cloudflared 2024.6.0 and TrueNAS-24.04.0.

I don’t use cloudflare tunnel so I’m not sure but for reverse proxy etc. I have to use ddns to update my domain to my WAN IP. When you changed providers, that would have certainly changed.

I also hv this issue
My isp give me dynamic ip private, and changing every 1 or 2 hr.

Any solutions or command to add sync update every 30mnt or 1hr?