Cloudsync slow download/halt/hang (backblaze)

Hi all, I’m having a weird issue when trying to ‘restore’ a backup from Backblaze.
I’ve successfully synced a datastore to B2 (1TB ~1d for) and now when trying to use the cloudsync restore task it starts good at ~100MB/s and after several minutes slow down to a halt.

‘Data Protection’ > ‘Cloud sync tasks’ > choosing the task and using ‘restore’ (pull, copy)
Stopping the task and starting again have the same results.
Trying to change bandwidth limit up/down/non dosent change.
Jobs log dosent show any error

Using latest trunas-scale Dragonfish-

Update: tried later again and the restore sync completed within ~4h. Not clear what was the problem. Tried reaching backblaze support, but they only confirmed there is no throttling on their end…