Codeserver equivalent?

Since TC closed shop on Scale, I’m looking to migrate things to regular apps, like homepage. Horribly timed security issue right after TC archived their SCALE catalog. In the TC ecosystem, most apps supported a vscode server to edit config files and such. Is there an equivalent in the native catalog, or do I need to do volume mounts for every config file/directory?

Some people setup a sandbox with docker compose and dockge as a compose editor/manager. A future benefit is that your compose files should be fairly portable to whatever Electric Eel brings… o you can just keep on running whatever sandboxes you want.

Here’s a video I made about it

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I’m not really asking about the future but the current setup under Jellyfin. I’m trying to migrate from the TC homepage app which is 0.8.3 to the native TN homepage app which is 0.9.1. Previously, I had used the embedded codeserver to edit my configuration files; I’m looking to see if there’s an equivalent option or if I need to set up a volume mount instead.

I am also looking for something like this. I am not sure that a sandbox implementation of the app is really what I am after either. But it looks like the only option at the moment. For now I think I will wait to see what Electric Eel gives us rather than make any more changes. (thinking I might want to change again after something new is revealed)
FWIW, I migrated jellyfin from TC to the truenas version without issue and without any need to manually edit config files (totally understand that others may have unique config that requires changes)