Coffee spilled on TrueNAS PC case

Unfortunately today an espresso has been spilled on my TrueNAS PC case.
it hit the top fan filter and at the end it fell on the first memory DIMM and reached also the contacts(I’ll add a picture but for now I cannot find how to attach media, please assist).
Haven’t noticed at the beginning it fell in but the computer was responsible and I’ve managed to shut down gracefully from TrueNAS.
Now this is SuperMicro X10SLH-F with 4 DIMMs and I’m worried and not sure what to do.
The most safest thing I can do is to buy a new one (used) from Ebay for example, but I’m tight on a budget so it’s a bit problematic.

Would you try to clean it somehow, based on the fact that the computer was working even after the coffee spill, or would you just throw the motherboard (because probably the coffee got to the slot through the DIMM) and the DIMM and buy new one?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Just drag the image into the reply box, or copy and paste it.

I’d buy some high purity IPA and give it a clean anywhere obvious. It’s a bit of a mixed bag really. I’d leave it off for a good couple of days, then run memtest, boot into a live distro and do whatever for a bit to see if it crashes. If there’s going to be electrical failure I’d imagine it should happen fast.

IMHO I’d assume the hardware is now bad until you’ve done a lot of testing on it. But I can understand the budget constraints.


Unplug power.

Physically clean as above.

It’s probably fine.

Biggest concern is to make sure you have no coffee remnants in the dimm slots.

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Looks ideal to me:

So sorry to hear that.

I agree with others that a thorough cleaning with high purity alcohol is in order. The remnants of the coffee may be giving you fits in the future - the grinds may or may not attract moisture, leading to corrosion.

so clean them let the board dry completely out. Preferably in an air conditioned space with a fan pointing at it to help break up any boundary layers. I have a dehumidifier perfect for that kind of job because it features a nozzle you can aim at a specific spot.

Only after you are sure the thing is dry as a bone in the desert go back and reinsert components, start testing.