Configuration folder path empty

Hello all,
I wanted to change some configuration in my nextcloud app and I went to check the configu file location in /ix-applications/releases/nextcloud/volumes/ix_volumes/

Now with my big surprise the folder is empty, and so for every other app in my system

I remember in the past I was used to go there and change what I needed.

Am I missing something?


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How did you configure the App, did you use any host-volumes and override the defaults? Might be that your config files live there if so. I did a test-install of nextcloud here using the default ix-volumes and I see config files just fine:

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Just default installation via truecharts using PVC.

Nothing fancy or strange.

I am sure it was there as I configured it in the past…

Forgot to mention.

Truenas Scale version

Ok, that would explain why the discrepancy. That is an issue with TrueCharts specifically. They do things we generally don’t recommend or support. You’d have to ask them to find out where your config has gone.