Connect to nfs from Mac

I am trying to connect to my server from my Mac. I can connect to the nfs, but if try to browse I get a permission denied popup.

The folder “LargeFiles” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.

showmount -e results:
showmount: Cannot retrieve info from host: RPC failed:: RPC: Program/version mismatch; low version = 3, high version = 3

non root mount is enabled & nfsv3 & nfsv4

I am trying to connect to nfs like this: nfs:// LargeFiles is encrypted.

mounting nfs locally on the server works.

I am not a Mac user myself but I have been told that most Macs use SMB rather than NFS. (But this is hearsay and may be completely false.)

MacOS has native NFS support. This looks like a permission issue on the share, specifically execute rights on directories.

it seems to be a permission issue. I tested it with @everone and all permissions & it worked. But what user/group needs what permission to get it working?

You need to grant access to whatever uids / gids your MacOS client is using to access the NFS export (or use a common source for UIDs and GIDs (e.g. AD or LDAP)).

In broad terms, typical NFS server configurations have no concept of authentication. Client says it wants certain UIDs / GIDs and the server says “have at it”.

Alternatively, you can configure “map all” parameters for the NFS export (which forces all NFS client operations to occurs as the specified user / group).

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