Connection To Microsoft Azure / Entra Active Directory


I am using TrueNAS Scale and I am trying to connect it to my Microsoft Azure / Entra Active Directory - but I am having no luck doing it (or finding instructions to do it).

Please Help!


Entra requirements for TrueNAS aren’t much different from other Linux distros.

See pre-requisites:

To complete this tutorial, you need the following resources and privileges:

The key part that many users get wrong is that they skip:

A Microsoft Entra Domain Services managed domain enabled and configured in your Microsoft Entra tenant

We use winbind and so you can use this to inform what to put in the webui in the active directory form.

will this allow TrueNAS to connect to my Azure Active Directory as a domain?

This procedure has been validated internally, but this is not an offer to set this up for you or troubleshoot any issues you run into. :slight_smile:

The key thing is that Entra needs to provide domain services / kerberos, then we can join it like any other AD domain.