Constant Activity on Boot Drive

I’ve noticed the hard drive LED on my NAS case never seems to stop being on, except for brief moments. Looking at the drive activity in the Reporting tab, the boot drive (nvme0n1) is constantly having reads and writes to it. This didn’t seem to happen prior to upgrading to Dragonfish- I’ve tried looking on the forums on here and there have been various topics about turning off swap, etc., but none of these seem to help. I’m happy to upload the logs (if someone tells me how LOL). Cheers!

Completely normal on Scale. If you want to, post up a report graph of the drive activity.

You should also post your complete hardware and software specs. Any VMs etc running?

Hey @Rob_Glass

We’ve actually just released 24.04.2, with some reductions to boot device logging and writes. Can you upgrade to this latest release and see if it helps mitigate things?

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No VMs.
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
ASRock X370 K4 Fatal1ty AM4 Motherboard
16GB DDR4-3200 ECC RAM
Boot drive is 120gb Patriot NVME
Storage is 4x 10TB Ironwolf hard drives

Definitely seems better-ish after the update. The LED indicator actually goes off for more than 1 second. I was about to just disconnect the HDD activity LED from the motherboard as I don’t know why Corsair when with a very bright white LED that makes it look like a lightning storm is happening in the computer room overnight…

Unfortunately after running with the update for 24 hours, the drive activity light is still on all the time now. It looks like the drive activity has slowed, but it is still enough to keep the activity light on constantly.

Yea, the amount of reduction is going to vary a bit based on system busy and configuration, I’m seeing about a 30%~ reduction here or so in my own system. One of those things where we’ll chip away at writes little by little with each release. Of course if anybody is seeing anything truly egregious, let us know about that asap.

This is my go to solution



Lol, done this on many devices of all kinds, computers, cameras, etc.

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I mean, with ZFS in general there are always TXG’s being flushed, and on our boot-devices no matter how much we optimize there we have to be some minimal level of writes for basic system operational logging. So if a light flashing periodically is a huge bother, then electrical tape may be a viable option :wink:

As a bonus, that same electrical tape can be used to tape a small boot SSD to the interior of your case if you need to.


Nah, we know the right way to toss in additional drives is this: :slight_smile:


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Heat makes the glue go gummy. It’s better to use double sided foam tape, or Velcro tape.

All kidding a side, I’m a big fan of these SATA to USB Cable - USB 3.0 to 2.5” SATA III Hard Drive Adapter - External Converter for SSD/HDD Data Transfer (USB3S2SAT3CB) : Electronics

Add a decent SATA SSD and some velcro, and you’ve saved an internal SATA port for a data drive. I’ve (re)deployed several old HP lefthand SANs with TrueNAS 11/12 with that method, and as far as I am aware most of them are still chugging. The ones that aren’t were using USB thumb drives that my old boss called “nick bombs”

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