Constant apps errors

Failed to sync TRUENAS catalog: [EFAULT] Failed to clone ‘GitHub - truenas/charts: TrueNAS SCALE Apps Catalogs & Charts’ repository at ‘/mnt/Storage /ix-applications/catalogs/github_com_truenas_charts_git_master’ destination: [EFAULT] Failed to clone ‘GitHub - truenas/charts: TrueNAS SCALE Apps Catalogs & Charts’ repository at ‘/mnt/Storage /ix-applications/catalogs/github_com_truenas_charts_git_master’ destination: Cloning into '/mnt/Storage /ix-…

2024-06-14 11:19:13 (America/New_York)

I get this error all the time. It randomly sometimes works it seems. Why does this keep failing?

Not sure about how to correct or why you are getting the error, but I notice that TrueNAS isn’t using the best practices for slices.

/var/db/git would be the “proper place” for repositories like that. Aside from the fact that they used the word “partition” you can read more here:

3.2. Partitioning the system (

Now, I’m wondering about my system.

“Partitions” would be the more relevant term, as SCALE is built on Debian Linux, not FreeBSD–but a ZFS system would be only minimally partitioned. But regardless, anything dealing with apps would go in the ix-applications dataset, which is where OP’s system is trying to put it (and where your system does as well, if you’re using apps on SCALE).

But the error he shares doesn’t say anything about why the cloning failed, and I’d think it should. @truenasman28, is there any more to the error message? Maybe a “more details” link to click or something? Because without more detail about the error, it’s pretty well impossible to say why it can’t sync the catalog. The only other guess I’d have would be for you to report a bug through the GUI and attach a debug file–that would allow the iX engineers to see what’s actually going on.

Here we go again!? …“partition” is a dos term. not *nix. “Slice” isn’t a BSD specific term.

Well, to be fair… the FreeBSD tool for it is gpart. I think, the Linux world has something similar (parted). Also, the tools themselves (including fdisk) refers to them as partitions. :person_shrugging:

Personally though, I’m ok with both terms :smiley_cat:

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Maybe not, but it isn’t generally used in Linux (particularly not for Debian, as noted in the documentation you linked). But whether you call them partitions or slices, they aren’t how a ZFS system like TrueNAS is organized. And whatever your reasons for thinking that an app catalog belongs in /var/db/git, that isn’t where SCALE puts it, and that isn’t really under the user’s control.

No that is the only information it gives me. Another error I get often is this:

SMB shares have path-related configuration issues that may impact service stability: data: SMB shares containing the apps dataset are not permitted

2024-06-04 12:54:21 (America/New_York)

My apps dataset is not in a SMB share.

Are you sharing the parent dataset that ix-applications is under?

No. I am sharing a subfolder.

What is the solution for having one dataset with a share on it but a different folder not shared for ix-applications?