Consumed CPU

any way or equation to calculate the consuming CPU in physical server by NVMe disk inside the server ?

You mean, which CPU (presumably in a multi-socket system) runs a particular NVMe drive? The block diagram in the motherboard manual should answer that question. But I’m not sure this has anything to do with TrueNAS.

This is also something that lspci will report, which is occasionally useful in weirder scenarios.

NUMA issues could crop up as weird performance cases, or as simple as “why aren’t my drives detected” - but the system/motherboard block diagram should answer that part.

If it’s a question of “how much CPU time is spent or necessary for a given number of NVMe drives” that’s harder to calculate.

yes I agree, but I need to calculate.

I don’t have a clue what you mean. Please feel free–encouraged, even–to use complete sentences and paragraphs to explain your question.