Convert 4 8TB drives from mirrored to Raid z1. OK w/ FULL WIPE

Hey there. I am running Dragonfish-24.04.0. I have recently added 3 8TB drives by using “extend” in TNS and the 4 drives are currently sitting there as mirrored. Previously I had 4 1TB drives. I have backed those up to Backblaze b2 and can restore after I get my 8TB drives set up right so a full wipe of the 8TBs is okay. the 1TB drives are all unplugged from my server and if things go bad ill just put them back and try again.

So how do I go about reformatting these 4 drives? Everything I have found online is trying to save data. I don’t need to worry about that. TYIA for the help. It’s just not clear to me and I’m still learning.

Export the pool from inside the GUI, and check the box to erase them. Then create a new pool with the drives in the desired configuration.


Good god ty so much. I am new to TN and didn’t realize export was the way to go about this. Again tysm!