Convert boot pool to raid 1

I’m finally upgrading my hardware. I started with a single NVME SSD for my boot pool, and I’ll soon get a new platform supporting two M.2 NVME SSD. I’ll be reusing my current SSD and I purchased another one with the same characteristics.

What is the best approach to migrate my NAS over to the new platform, while switching my boot pool to RAID 0 for added security?

Do I need to reinstall TrueNAS from scratch and import my config? Or can I just drop in the existing install in the new system and somehow extend my boot pool to the second SSD?

Bonus question, for my data pool, I think I only need to export them from the current system, unplug, then replug and import in the new system, right? I’m worried that my shares and tasks might not cope having the missing pools before I can import them again.

And of course I have backups of all my data anyway.

Either is an option. For the latter, you’d go to System Settings → Boot → Boot Pool Status, click the kebab menu next to the existing device, and select Attach.


For the boot pool, it’s best to reinstall TrueNAS and import your config for RAID 0. For the data pool, export/import should work fine; just note down your settings to recreate them after re-importing.

Sounds easy enough. I’ll give it a shot.

Not sure why you think that.

Just add the second disk, then extend the boot pool across it. As per @dan ’s post

This is easy to do.