Copy directly from a USB-drive?

Beginner and just set up my first TrueNAS server.

I have a previous backup on a 8Tb USB-drive that I want to copy to the TrueNas server. I started over the network from my desktop computer - but it estimated to take about 9 days(!). But there should be a way for me to connect it directly to the TrueNas-server and copy the content, right? But I cannot find a way to copy files from it to the server. Does it require a seperate app for such a simple operation? I am the worst prompt-person, so prefer WYSIWYG.

Thank you in advance!

No, there shouldn’t–or at least, there isn’t. Over the network is the way to do it.


Ok, thank you for clearing that up!

That seems way too long, even if the 8-TiB drive was completely full. If you sustain ideal gigabit speeds over the network, the transfer could get done in about 24 hours (about one day).

Are you using rsync? cp? the Windows File Explorer, click and drag?

“Read 8TiB of large media files or ISOs” is an entirely different ask for a spinning hard drive than “read 8TiB of small files that are a few dozen KB each” - add in the network back-and-forth and acknowledgement.

True, but even still, 9 days seems too long.

8TiB = 8,388,608 MiB
9 days = 777600 seconds

Divide them and you get 10.78MB/s … which is suspiciously close to the limits of 100Mbps networking … :thinking: @Idus are you certain your computer is connected to your TrueNAS system via a gigabit network, and not using a wireless or other low-bandwidth solution?


FYI - it stated between 4-8Mb/s at the time - and I concur that it seemed very slow. I know the probable cause - and would do well with optimizing my network with an expert. :wink: But that is not the case this time. I am still grateful that you spend your time and effort to ask me things outside the conversation and question though. But the question if I could connect an USB-drive and do a direct copy was answered to be no, so I´ve spent some extra time and it is going faster via the net now.

Best regards! :vulcan_salute:

So then presuming smaller files, also being over USB does not help either, so you have decent overhead there.