CORE - Resetting default route and static route help

Having a devil of a time getting my newly built Truenas core system to re-connect to the network, and really could use some help.

I have a 10GB intel card connected, and it was successfully pulling a DHCP address. Once i had everything squared away config wise, and my pools and write speeds were good, i added a second connection via 1gb nic.

From the GUI, I removed dhcp from the 10gb nic and set it to static, gave it an ip, and an appropriate /24 SNM.
I then set the 1gb nic to dhcp, (its on a seperate vlan and subnet) and tested settings. My webpage lost connection for about 50seconds, then both the new dhcp and static IP were pingable. I logged back into the web GUI but there was no save/confirm button i was expecting.

Rebooting the machine gave the old dhcp address back to the 10gb nic, and the config appeared lost on the 1gb nic.

I tried a few things, then ended up using the console and clearing the config on both ports, without deleting the interface. Then from the console i setup dhcp on the 1gb nic, but could never reach the server again no latter what i did. I asked for some help, and a friend tried setting up a static route and a default route, but i wasn’t quite sure what they did.

Now no matter what i do, i cant get either nic to work with a static or dhcp address. I even tried unplugging one cable then the other, and the setup steps seem to be fine but in the restarting network step, and restarting routes step i often see “failed”.

Is there any way to fully reset the networking for static routes, default routes and dns, or am I doomed to a “reset configuration to defaults” and hope i can import my pool and start all over with my network, groups and users permissions?

I try to help you, for what i know at least:

  • Network → Static Routes, and you can delete them easy
  • Network → Global configuration, set the right default gateway
  • Static Routes can be set up in router too, so check if they must be deleted from there too
  • check Network → Interface settings for both interface
  • when i changed interface (from a dedicated nic to the integrated one) i just reset network configuration easily from console, attacching a monitor/keyboard to the nas