I have not seen any guidelines for hardware requirements but it seems SCALE puts higher demand on CPU because of a chatty k3s cluster overhead. For a system with an Atom or AMD Neo N36L CPU is the path to SCALE still an option? I think SCALE requires at least an i5 10th generation. Could somebody clarify?

Any dual core 64bit AMD or Intel CPU should work

scale hardware requirements:

Meanwhile, I have Scale running on a first gen Core 2 Quad.

What’s more important is if you have at least 8GB of ram

Where does that very specific idea come from? Because it certainly isn’t the TrueNAS docs.

I think it comes from the higher CPU usage on SCALE vs CORE on the same hardware when just serving files.

Do you still see the same high usage if you disabled the Apps (k3s) completely?

I switched back to CORE. The ratio of pods to nodes does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.