CPU Selection

Hello Guys,

So, recently, i came to know that there are N suffix CPUs from Intel for its 2nd Gen Scalable. Intel states that N suffix CPUs are optimized for network. Is that really true?

Intel has several suffixes for different scenarios and workloads like optimized for media or liquid cooling, etc.

My question is will it really optimize the network or is it really more suited for TrueNAS like software as it mainly involves the network?

Upgrading to such CPU will benefit and what would be the difference from the normal CPU without any suffix?


Took almost no effort to locate using a Google Search. This is from Intel:

I would not think that it would optimize your network. It is strictly talking about virtualization and optimizing networking virtualization.

So, it just helps in the network but in the virtualization? Not in general?

From what I understand, ā€˜Nā€™ CPUs are selected for their ability to achieve consistent turbo across all cores (at the expense of possibly being less good than others in single core / few cores turbo), which may be a desirable profile for managing a telecom network.
Do NOT expect any benefit for your Ethernet network.