Crash on HP Proliant ML350 G6

Hello, I updated from truenas core to truenas scale few days ago. When I had core, the system function perfectly, but now with scale, the system tends to crash. I would love to send the logs, but don’t know how to do it. My server has mixed ECC memory (2GB and 4GB sticks), dual Xeon E5606 and the boot drive is kinda dead (I used it on Windows before on another system and it BSOD, maybe it’s that ? but I didn’t had problem with core so idk…), it was yellow “caution” (faulty sectors I think ? on crystal disk info). I wait for your help, amazing community :blush: Thanks !

Also it crash randomly, sometimes it’s when I’m in the middle of something, somtimes it’s when dooing nothing. I also add that I have some apps running, but it crashed even before I installed them, and after installing (truenas scale), I had corrupted characters in the screen…

I’m not sure what you are asking us to do. This feels more like you are either trying to goat us into a conversation or you are just making a funny thread. Maybe there is a language barrier issue.

If this is a serious discussion, you already answered yourself, your computer is probably not stable. You need to either fix it or replace it. With all the problems you have mentioned it could be a variety of problem. No need to send any TrueNAS logs as far as I’m concerned.

Do some basic testing, a CPU Stress Test and MemTest86+. If those pass then state that they passed, how much you ran them, etc.

However, if the system worked fine with CORE, then roll back to the CORE version. Also what version of SCALE are you using that crashed?

But seriously, run those stability tests, make sure your platform is completely stable, regardless of the mixture of part you have.

And I wish you the best of luck but rolling back is likely your best course of action right now.

I have the last version of scale (dragonfish) and if I rollback to core I won’t have my apps… I will do a windows to go to run some test, just I wanted to know if the issue may be visible on the logs and how I can found them.

I removed a RAM stick that caused some error on screen, I will wait some days and update this thread if it is fixed, and invest on an SSD.

If you run MemTest86+ for at least 10 pases, with no issues, I’d say you are good to go. This is a far better way to test vice using an active system.

It crashed this morning, I check the repports and there was no anomalies (like a spike in CPU utilisation or RAM usage). I will do some more checking and will see what’s wrong…

I cant’ boot on my USB key (it act like there are no key, but works on my laptop, even with EFI boot, I try Rufus and unetbootin), so it will stay like this for now. I will buy some RAM and an SSD, but not now. I’m not 24/7 on it so it’s not that annoying, but even if it restart itself, I have to wait 15 minutes for it to restart, and hope that it don’t crash on the middle on something… Thanks.