Creating Boot Disk on Mac

I have purchased a Terramaster Nas that I am going to convert to Truenas Scale. It has 2 x M.2 NVMe slots and I am going to use one for the operating system and the other used for the Apps pool.

I want to create a bootable os on one of the M.2 ssd’s but I only have a Mac and not sure how to actually do it, any suggestions would be appreciated.

WouldI it help if I had a NVMe enclosure so I can write to it from my Mac?


You can’t and shouldn’t. Write the installer to a USB stick; use that to install the OS on the m.2 drive.

Thanks, so what you are saying is add the os on usb and put this into the nas and copy over to the m.2 ssd? if I have understood you correctly.

Do you know how to create the usb on a Mac?

I’m saying put the installer on the USB.

Use dd at the shell as you would under Linux (following the docs), or Balena Etcher, or even Raspberry Pi Imager.

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