Custom App Update Check

Quick question, I’ve looked and I’m not finding anything concrete. How does SCALE check for updates for custom apps? Is refreshing charts enough to trigger that?

Sometimes I don’t have updates show up for days with the latest tag so I have to use the actual version I want to update to. Thanks in advance for your help!

For mine, assuming container, it shows update available when the latest tag is used and a new stable version comes out. Just updated 2 apps today, Kopia comes to mind as one of them. I did nothing to trigger that.

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Yeah, I have some from docker hub, some from GitHub, and others from Linux servers.

I’m just trying to figure out a way to manually kick off container checks and download them.

I know sometimes I can go under the containers and update them that way, then the apps will show an update available. But right now, I have several apps that I now have updates available and nothing.

So one way to do it is to go under Applications, then Settings > Manage Container Images. Once there, use the Pull Image option to pull the latest manually, then edit the application and click Update. It will have the latest version then.

Not sure why it’s not pulling the update automatically though. It’s specifically authentik:

While this works, I don’t want to mark it as the solution as it should be pulling the updates automatically from the source container repository.