Cyberpower CP1000PFCLCD Not Reporting

I was able to plug in my UPS and get it to kind of work. The only way I am able to tell it works is that when I unplug the UPS the system will automatically shutdown about a minute or 2 later. When I go to the reporting, there is nothing there. Are there auxiliary parameters that I need to set for the reporting to work correctly? I have the UPS connected over USB.

From an SSH/Shell window type: upsc ups and you should get a report of data from the UPS.

Doing that gives me the following output:

Init SSL without certificate database
Error: Unknown UPS

it should be upsc ups@localhost, at least that works for me

Edit: Nevermind, didn’t know upsc ups is enough to show the stats…

Doing either command does not give me any info, just the error I posted above.

What UPS do you have (make/model)?

Cyber Power CP1000PFCLCD (as in the title of thread)

What, you expect me to read? :exploding_head:

You should be able to ignore the first message. The second message means the UPS name is not “ups”. Try upsc upsmon as that could be a used name as well. If that fails try upsc upsmon@localhost

If that stuff fails…
What are your settings for the UPS Service? A screen shot goes a long ways. It is good that TrueNAS shuts down, but it is odd that you cannot communicate with it directly.

Still didn’t work. Added screenshot to original post.

I was able to find the list of UPSes connected by running the command upsc -L. That then gave me the connected UPS “Cyberpower-CP1000PFCLCD”. To then list the UPS settings I tried upsc Cyberpower-CP1000PFCLCD which worked. It seems its dependent on what you set the identifier as. Changing the identifier to “ups” the reporting started working. Not sure if that is a bug or just really poor documentation on the setup of a ups. I was following the official documentation when I set it up and they didn’t mention anything about the requirements for the identifier or the reporting being dependent on having the UPS named “ups”.

Is there a way to change the reporting to show runtime in minutes instead of days? Days is pretty useless, as I don’t know there is a UPS in existence that would have a runtime of days.

I already filed a bug report for that, I agree that “Days” so not a good value.