Cyberpower RMCARD SNMP Configuratoin

So in my rack I have a Cyberpower OL2200 UPS with a RMCARD205. I am monitoring this with zabbix using SNMP. what I want to do is setup my TrueNAS Core server so that if that UPS goes on battery for 5 minutes the TrueNAS server will shutdown. I do not want the TrueNAS server to shut down the UPS as I have other servers in the rack also. I did a considerable amount of reading on this and looked over the settings in the UPS service and well, it’s pretty confusing. If someone has set this up before and could give me some guidance that would be greatly appreciated!!


It won’t work with NUT 2.8.0 - which has this bug:

This has been fixed in 2.8.1 and consequently all following releases, current one being 2.8.2.

Until iX update the NUT package you won’t have any luck.

I configured my OPNsense firewall, which has 2.8.2, as the NUT master and have both my TrueNAS installations communicate with that. It works this way.

P.S. The github issue references FreeBSD but this is strictly a problem in upstream NUT. So it applies to TN CORE and SCALE all the same.

Thank You very much for that information pmh!! I will experiment some with running a NUT server on my Zabbix server and see if I can get he TrueNAS box to run secondary to that.

Thanks again for your help!