Data and device shows different time

im using true nas to take bakup using veritas , unfortunately the system time and the data time shows different , how do I fix this

Is your system time correct? You use SCALE, right? Open a shell in the UI (System Settings > Shell) and type date. Are the date, time and time zone correct?

If not it is important that you set your BIOS (“hardware clock”) time to UTC. Reboot into the BIOS setup. The BIOS does not have a concept of a time zone, but you must set the time to the UTC time corresponding to your local time.

E.g. I am in CET/CEST with daylight saving time active. It’s 20:28 / 8:28 pm currently, my timezone is two hours (with DST) ahead of UTC so I would set the BIOS time to 18:28.

Then in the TrueNAS UI again go to System Settings > General and under Localization set your correct local timezone if not already done.


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Can just google “UTC time”