Data from replication task not showing up in target FreeNAS system

We have two FreeNAS-11.3-U3.2 systems (yes I know, old).

SystemA is our main storage. SystemB is the backup.

Now I set up a new replication task (PUSH) from SystemA to SystemB. The replication task is happily working and the target dataset on the SystemB is also growing accordingly and the size makes sense.

However, if I go to the console via the FreeNAS GUI, I do not see data in the respective data on the SystemB via “ls -la” (I do not see any data in the target dataset). I check and the dataset is mounted according to “zfs mount”.

Now my questions:

  1. Does the data only show up when the replication task is finished?
  2. If not, what might be the problem?

“Replicated data is not visible on the receiving system until the replication task completes.”


Ufff… people who can read have a clear advantage.

Thanks much!

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