Data Integrity Feature (DIF) which is unsupported

Hello, i ended up buying some HDD’s from ebay and all the drives are showing up and everything but when i try to build a pool it says Data Integrity Feature (DIF) which is unsupported.

How do i go about getting this disabled and fixed so i can use the drives in TrueNAS

Full Error: sda, sdj, sdl, sdm, sdg, sdh, sdk are formatted with Data Integrity Feature (DIF) which is unsupported.

Server Info -

Server - PC: Dell Poweredge R720xd
Raid Controller Is in IT Mode
OS: TrueNAS Scale Verson:
CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v2
RAM: 384GB

According to this article on reddit:

  1. Run sg_format --format --size=512 /dev/sdx on each drive (you can run them in parallel if you use tmux - and they are long running so you need to use tmux anyway).

  2. Power cycle your server.

I have 4 - 4tb SAS drives with this problem. I started a reformat about 4 hours ago and made the mistake of leaving the shell after it showed a couple of progress reports for fractions of a % done. Now there are no more progress reports.

How can I tell if the format is still running, complete or cancelled because I closed the shell. Dare I reboot before the format is complete?

How can I run the formatting of several drives in parallel?

Log into the TrueNAS Scale console. Run something like ‘top’ so you can see some action. Alt+F2 should bring up the second virt console. log in and run your second command. Alt+F1 gets you back to the first console where you should see ‘top’ running.

You should be able to do this with the commands for a disk in the separate console windows


i had that same issue with one of them. so what i did is run the same command again to format it should give a error saying its busy if it does then its still going. and in there it should say to see more info put - something and that will show you the % its at

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The command option is -v and the response is

admin@truenas[~]$ sudo sg_format --format -v /dev/sdb
SEAGATE ST4000NM0034 E005 peripheral_type: disk [0x0]
<< supports protection information>>
Unit serial number: Z4F05N2L0000R541K1GQ
LU name: 5000c50083a6da4f
mode sense(10) cdb: [5a 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 fc 00]
mode sense(10):
Descriptor format, current; Sense key: Not Ready
Additional sense: Logical unit not ready, format in progress
Descriptor type: Sense key specific: Progress indication: 94.98%
Descriptor type: Field replaceable unit code: 0x0
Descriptor type: Vendor specific [0x80]
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
MODE SENSE (10) command: Device not ready, type: sense key

It seems that the formatting continues even if I close the shell and reboot. It looks like a 4tb disk takes about 15-16 hours to format.

For info if you add the option --ffmt=1 it’s much faster.

sg_format --format --ffmt=1 --size=4096 /dev/sdx

I would also go 4Kn as most/all HDDs are 4K these days.

yeah so your is almost done give it 2 or 3 hours and it should be done