Dataset empty after reboot

i’ve setup a new turenas machine with 6TBx12

i was copying data from another turenas machine via rsync, while copying data system slows down, i’ve rebooted the machine
after rebooting dataset “Office” is empty,
zfs list output is

there is no snapshot of dataset
kindly help

Obviously it’s not. It contains about 5 TB of data. What leads you to the conclusion it’s empty? I.e. how did you check?

You need to use SSH to log in to the command line and use command line tools for a proper check. Files might simply not be visible via SMB or some other sharing protocol.

Are you doing rsync to the root of your pool and creating folder there? If so this is real bad process.
At best, create a dataset under HFS and do your rsync to point to the new dataset.

Also, why rebooting on the first sign of slow down? This is bad practice in general.

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