Dataset encryption replication - solution found

Hi there,

I am currently trying to get my data from truenas core GELI encrypted datastores to truenas scale key encrypted pool with equivalent datrastores.
Trying so I replicated a snapshot from core to scale and the datastore in scale switched from being Unlocked by ancestor to Unencrypted. For the sake of trying and learning I switched from key to passphrase to lock the pool in scale and see what happens to the Unencrypted datastore. It is no longer accessible via SMB nor can I configure share ACLs. So it seems that the systems does protect the datastore when I lock the pool but why does it say Unencrypted. Are the files in that datastore really unencrypted? I did not find any clue how to switch it back to be an encrypted datastore coming from the pool, meaning Unlocked by ancestor.
Is there a better way to transfer all the data from core to scale while keeping the encryption schema on scale?

Thanks in advance!


Never mind, for the folks who might have a twisted brain like me - here comes the solution.

While configuring the replication, check the boxes Encryption and Inherit Encryption. There you go, works like a charm.