Debian VMs do not boot after config restore


as my boot pool somehow crashed this weekend (need to investigate this further, server went down completely and could not be startet any longer) I decided to go for a fresh installation of TrueNAS Scale
After I installed it on a single Disk SSD I restored my configuration and rebooted the server.
Everything was working fine, but non of my Debian VMs were started…
All three were stuck on the UEFI Interactive Shell. I know that there was a problem some time ago with the naming of the EFI Files from grub, but they all worked fine for month now without needing to do the workaround with copying grubx64.efi to BOOT/bootx64.efi.
All three are Debian 12.5 VMs were installed on TrueNAS 23.something I think…

So what am I missing? Does anyone know what might have been lost during the restore of the configuration? The Data-Pool was not touched and had no problem, only my boot-pool was lost.

One thing worth mentioning: The config Backup was from 24.04.0 before I installed the latest update a few weeks ago. I simply had this backup file on my Mac and thought it would be easier than getting one of the daily backups from the data pool…

Any help welcome, the VMs are starting fine now as I decided to go for the workaround to be safe. But it’s a bit strange… :slight_smile: