Decisions Decisions - 5900X vs. Xeon 2670 x2

Current’s running:
TrueNAS Scale (Dragonfish)
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
128GB RAM (Unbuffered DDR4)
5xVMs (websites/game servers)
27xApps (HA, Frigate, Zigbee/Zwave, Traefik, and several Docker containers)

Currently won:
$50 HP Z620
2x Xeon processor E5-2670

I’m debating swapping TrueNAS with the new (to me) machine, which will give me the same number of cores but 50% more RAM, albeit older.
This frees up the 5900X to serve as a local AI machine for running LLMs, Frigate and other ML training tasks. I really don’t want my overall experience to become subpar. Looking for recommendations… keep the 5900X for TrueNAS, or use the server hardware for the job.

4 more cores is not going to come close to making up for the vastly slower CPU. 50% more RAM is likely not going to make up for the much slower ram (dual CPU RAM mapping/NUMA and raw speed)

that said, if you are running overkill right now … it might be enough.


those xeon’s are old paper weights basically vs the performance of the 5900x you already have in use. ECC ram would be nice, but if you do not need more ram, stick with your 5900x.

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Well, 16 more pcie lanes too for the Xeon, right? So, there could be a use case for it. 4 cores, but 8 threads more. Definitely slower CPU as noted but may or may not matter.

OP wants to use the Ryzen for AI machine. I suspect the Xeon would work. I’m using a 2698 and it’s still slower than the Ryzen, but plenty fast for 4 VMs, 21 apps. And that’s a single CPU. Machine remains 98% idle over the course of a day with moderate use most of the day.