Deduplication with N100 and 32GB?

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I read deduplication is CPU consuming. In your experience a dedicated N100 (Bare metal) and 32GB are enough to enable it?

I would recommend reading this resource and this documentation first before activating dedup. That said, quite aside from additional CPU considerations, I would want at least 256GB of RAM and an optane special dedup vdev as well as the knowledge that I would get at least a 5x space savings before even considering it.


Is this a theoretical question? I ask because Intel claims the CPU only supports up to 16GB of RAM.

i mounte 1 32Gb and work perfectly well, i run also memory check and no error at all

That! :point_up:t2:

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that there is indeed a use case for deduplication, 64 GB RAM is the bare minimum, and it quickly goes up from there. But 256 GB RAM and dedup vdev seems overkill: The dedicated vdev somewhat replaces RAM—I would still want 64 GB though. Then of course, a dedup vdev requires at least a 3-way mirror for the sake of safety. Or then use a single NVMe as metadata L2ARC rather than a dedup vdev—but still 64 GB RAM.

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Aside from the hardware, my suggestion is still to wait for fast deduplication to land.

Not even close. CPU is an issue; RAM more of one. Dedup is very RAM-intensive. There’s a reason the advice is, “just don’t.”