Dell HBA330 - which underlying LSI firmware?

It’s far from a secret that Dell sells what they call the HBA330 in a variety of form factors, notably including the proprietary mezzanine form factor used by Gen 13, 14 and single-socket Gen 15 systems. It’s also generally known that this is a Broadcom SAS3008 with trivially-customized IT mode firmware (some have said that the only change is to the PCI vendor ID).
What I’d never seen explicitly stated anywhere is which version of Broadcom’s firmware Dell ships in their latest version from several years ago.

Well, I stumbled across this information[1] and figured I’d share:

Firmware Package Version includes:
Core Firmware Version :
BIOS version :
UEFI Driver Version :

So, version, which is - one assumes, one hopes - one better than Broadcom’s latest release, but one worse than the latest generic version available via iX.

  1. Dell’s firmware page ↩︎