Dell PERC IT mode flashing guide - TrueNAS Scale

I realize this is not 100% tied to TrueNAS, but it will be as soon as I get past this issue. Additionally, since I can’t create my own thread yet on Reddit (seriously mysterious how that works), I figured I would ask questions here.

I have a Dell PowerEdge R720 16-bay. I have successfully flashed IT mode on my 2 other Dell R720s. This PowerEdge was also successfully flashed IT mode, but then I moved that PERC controller to a different server for a speedy setup. That server PERC card was then added to this server.

I thought something is wrong with the PERC H710P Mini in this server. I reseated the card 3 times, the battery is of course removed. Here is what is displayed when I begin the process:

I get to “yall finna get flashed”. At the prompt, I type “info” and hit enter. This is what I get:
DOS/32A – Protected Mode Run-time Version 7.2
Copyright (C) Supernar Systems, Ltd. 1996-2002

It’s missing the Product Name, ChipRevision and SAS Address line.

SO, I then think OK, I need to revert the card to see if I can get it back to stock from whatever its current state is. I then type pb0revrt. It asks for me to confirm this by saying, “Press any key to clean adapter flash”. I do this and then get:
DOS/4GW Protected Mode Run-time Version 1.97
Copyright (C) Rational Systems, Inc. 1990-1994

MegaRAID HWR Controller Recovery tool. Version 01.02-008 Feb 20, 2012
Copyright (C) 2006-2010 LSI Corp.
Supports 1078 controller and its Successors.

No MR controller(s) found. If controllers physically present but not found, please shutdown the system and disable the SBR loading and power up.

The PERC card DOES work because I was able to easily get it into RAID and see all my drives and then install an OS on the “one” drive, as a test.

Finally, I just tried a PERC card I bought on Ebay thinking that maybe I have a bad PERC. NOPE, the replacement PERC does the same thing. It’s driving me mad because I need to get TBs of data transferred and this is holding me up. TrueNAS is already installed, I just need the PERC to be in IT mode so I can see the drives in TrueNAS.

Anyone have any ideas on this?