Deploy Dragonfish within a Cobia VM?

I wonder if someone has already tried deploying Dragonfish RC as a VM within Cobia just for testing it? Any reason why this wouldn’t work?

I’m sure. It’s a fairly normal procedure used by those who want to test an upcoming release.

I deployed BlueFin inside a Bhyve VM on Core.

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I have upgraded most of my virtual TrueNAS installed to the RC without any issues so far. I do have one left to do but need to wait until I have a time when I can take it offline for the post install restart.

Given my upgrade has gone well and running a different OS as a VM is isolated from the main OS running bare metal i dont see testing it out in a VM as causing any problems, granted i have never used TrueNAS for running VMs or apps as I use ProxmoxVE as my hypervisor.

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I don’t want to upgrade my main system as I run multiple truechart apps. I wanted to have a preview and play with it.

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I don’t see any problem with doing that for testing purposes. I use SCALE as a VM host for ad-hoc VMs. Just be careful to not let important data creep onto the VMs :slight_smile:

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