Destination pool goes offline


I have 2 pools (on the same server) and I want to replicate the dataset I have in the first pool to a destination dataset in another pool.
I configured the replication Task and I ran it.

The issue is quite simple:
the destination pool become unhealty, the disk of the pool is no more viewable in the Storage → Disks pane.
I have the replication still in running, but I don’t undestand this behaviuor.

Could you hell?


We’ll need more information.


From what is my experience, and with the info provided, the SATA extender is the most probably cause of the issue. I got the same (the model with 2 only Port ) and he can’t handle the workload with neither 1 only disk attached.
I removed It as fast i could, and you should Plan to do the same, IMHO.
Are those disks detected in BIOS?