Differenc Bluefin, Cobia and Dragonfish

I want to update my Truenas scales. I currently have, in this version the charts no longer work. That’s why I want to update. What do I need to bear in mind?

you should not jump fom 22.12 to the latest version but rather do updates to latest bluefin, then to latest cobia then to lates dragonfish.

Thank you for your answer. Why u must Switch the trains? Can you explain it for me?

Because there were many big changes over the years from version to version and it’s safer to jump from one version to the directly following version. It’s been tested and known to Work without Problems. If you dont want to follow the Update path you can also save your config and do a fresh Install of dragonfish and Upload your config.

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Thanks for your explanation. Maybe you can help me a bit. I want to use linuxserver/ffmpeg via the console. How do I do that best with k3s?

The ffmpeg setting is included in the Nextcloud Install wizard for this app.

I don’t think that’s quite what I need for my application. I want to use a Python script to convert various files with ffmpeg. I solved this before like this:

docker run —rm -v /mnt/…:/config linuxserver/ffmpeg …..

since docker was removed previous versions that will no longer be possible. It will be possible again with the next major version electric eel when docker will be implemented again.
You can try to deploy that docker image as a custom app, run it inside a vm as a normal docker container or inside a linux-jail as docker container.