Different sized drives in RAIDZ3 on SCALE


is it okay in TrueNAS SCALE to add different sized drives to a RAIDZ3 (I want to add 7 drives with sizes of 16 TB, 18 TB, and 20 TB). Will SCALE simply use 7x 16 TB to build the RAIDZ3 or will it show a warning about different sized drives like TrueNAS did in the past?

Is it fine to create a RAIDZ3 pool with different sized drives or will there be any issues regarding performance (beside that the slowest drive model will win) or issues in the direction of data safety?

Do I have to add the drives in a special order (starting with the 16 TB models) to make TrueNAS happy?

Anything else to consider?

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You can do it (clicking some “Force” button if need be), there are no safety concerns and no “order” since all drives have to come at the same time.

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