Directly connected servers

I’ll try to be as clear as possible… I have tree computer, my desktop witch have a two nic, one 1gb witch is connected to the router in dhcp to the net (192.168.1.X), one dual 10gb nic connected to the media server and one connected to the truenas server. The two last one are directly connected to the servers (10.0.0.X)

I’m trying to configure the two static 10gb in truenas but the system fighting me.
I’m in need of help to make it work


Here is my network

What is happening when you try to setup the 10gig interfaces on Truenas? I don’t see why it wouldn’t “just work” when going into networking & setting the IPs & subnets applicably. I used to have a somewhat similar setup.

[Edit] Wait no, I remember now: Truenas will have two NICs on same subnet & it doesn’t like that. Try aggregating the NICs to 1 IP & then it should work how you want (almost).


Something like that should do the needful

You have 3 separate 10 gbit networks, yet they all have the same network address.

Either use a single 10gbit switch to join your 10gbit devices in one network, ie, 10.0.0.x

Or use a different networks,

Ie your TrueNAS should be and

Then your ubuntu desktop can be and

And your Plex can be and

Or just get a 10gbe switch.

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Oh great i did not thought of that one :smiley:

The server accepted the config, just need to test the config

Thank you!!

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Personally I would bridge the 10gig interfaces on all 3 systems so then they can all directly connect to each other & have a singular IP… or you can do it the sane way (what Stux recommended) and just get a 10gig switch instead of dual 10gig NICs next time.


Thank you very much for your help, i would try this config too see if it works better!


Doubt it would work ‘better’ in terms of performance, just more appropriately configured.