Directories not being deleted when syncing to an S3 compatible cloud provider

[Updated] I think that this is just the way that versioned buckets work on S3. I used the web UI for the storage provider to ‘delete’ the directory. It reported that 0 objects were deleted (since the CloudSync task deleted all of the files under the directory) but the directory itself is still visible. I personally really don’t like this since it makes it harder to see the current structure rather than the versioned one, but I guess it is what it is.

I have a CloudSync task PUSHing to an S3 Compatible cloud provider (ICloud e2). The bucket is versioned. When I delete a directory locally and run the task, the files are ‘deleted’ (marked as deleted in the bucket) but the directories are not - they are still visible in the GUI and in an S3 explorer I’ve tried. I’d much prefer that the directories would only be shown when I am looking at versions not hiding them.

From a google search it appears that the S3 API allows directories to be deleted but AFAICT the CloudSync tasks doesn’t do that correctly.

Any ideas?