Disabling link summary

Is there a way to disable link summaries? They take up far too much vertical space with the border wrapping, title, etc.

Here’s an example of a post that has good information, but requires 5 mouse wheel scrolls for what should have been just 6 lines of links.

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I don’t think so, at least reader-side; I think it doesn’t look that bad to me compared to the old forum… maybe a bit bigger. I am using the standard text dimensions and a big ass monitor.

Writer side there are a few think you can do to avoid that, mainly putting anything else on the line with the link.

Btw, edited my reply in order to provide better reading experience.

Don’t put the links by themselves on a line. Here’s the same link two different ways:

More information at iXsystems, when are you going to stop pretending that CORE has (usable) plugins? | TrueNAS Community

More information at:


Here’s another example with something simple like a - or *

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True. Anything else on the same line with the link will prevent what Discourse calls the “onebox.”

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