Discourse - I would like an Official TrueNAS App


Now that iXsystems/TrueNAS is using discourse for their forum, would it be possible for a native app to be made for TrueNAS.

I know there is a docker image for discourse here GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse but I want to be able to use the storage capabilities of TrueNAS.


I’d be surprised if anyone spent time making an official or community container of Discourse for the current Kubernetes apps subsystem now that it’s known they are sunsetting Kubernetes in the next major update.

Barring any surprises there, you are left with a few choices.

  • You can use the custom app interface and deploy the docker container there.
  • You can use jailmaker to run the docker container with native docker.
  • You can hold out for 24.10 Electric Eel and see what happens then.

If you must have this now, I recommend trying the first option since it’s the least amount of work. You need to setup a place to store local files one one of your datasets and point host paths to it using the app interface. Also note the PostgreSQL database and other possible dependencies.

There’s also the security aspect of hosting a (publicly?) available web server on your file server.

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@neofusion Thanks for the info, I did not know TrueNAS were going to replace the Kubernetes apps subsystem, I thought it was all Docker images with modifications to allow the use of the TrueNAS file system.