Disk not appearing

I originally built a FreeNAS setup years back, and upgraded to TrueNAS a while ago. I’ve got 4x 4TB drives with the OS installed on a USB drive.

Recently it’s been showing my Pool as degraded and looking at the status shows one drive as “UNAVAIL”

The Disk screen doesn’t even show my 4th drive:

Assuming I had a dead drive I purchased a new replacement drive, of the same size and model. But the NEW drive doesn’t appear either. I tried a new SATA cable and even a different SATA port on the Mobo but still it does not appear. Even tried clearing cache and have rebooted a number of times to ensure it wasn’t a web cache issue.

Any help in figuring out what’s going on and why my new Disk isn’t appearing on the UI would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Is the drive powering up? Is it warm? Spinning? Maybe it’s the psu.

yes it’s indeed spinning up, the old one did too.

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Test the replacement drive in another system

Thanks for this. I tried in my Windows Desktop. the old failed drive threw a CRC error when attempting to initialize. Tried the new drive in the Windows Desktop and it would see the drive but the drive would crash and disappear whenever attempting to initialize.

I’ve used WD Reds in this NAS since I built it in 2017 I’ve had 2 other drives fail since building this thing (one in 2018 and another in 2023) so the new DOA drive makes the 4 failures in total (out of 7 drives purchased).

I had a 4TB Seagate Iron Wolf for a different project. I popped that in and it was recognized straight away, and is now resilvering.

I’m thinking it might be time to ditch the WD Reds for a different model drive.

thanks for the support!

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